Husse has a wide range of products for cats, delivered free to your door by a friendly Husse driver or pet nutritionist. Not sure which products to choose? Just call your local contact or head office. Together, we’ll find the right product for your pet.
Cat age
  1. Kitten
  2. Adult
Style of living
  1. Outdoor
  2. Indoor
Cat activeness
  1. High energy or outdoor living
  2. Low energy or couch potato
Special needs
  1. Coat Support
  2. Better Coat
  3. Digestive Support
  4. Sensitive skin
  5. Nursing Female
Main Protein Source
  1. Chicken
  2. Rice
Special ingredient (Product Symbols)
  1. balanced nutrition
  2. cardio
  3. coat
  4. digestive support
  5. energy+
  6. grain free
  7. growth cat
  8. high protein
  9. low fat
  10. no genetically engineered ingredients
  11. omega3
  12. Omega3/6
Cat Litter
  1. Litters
  1. Bowls

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    Specially developed for active cats and cats with sensitive skin

    Exclusive Active Cat is a complete formula for cats that lead an active lifestyle with access to the outdoors. This formula contains a well-balanced amount of nutrients in just the right ratios, including protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and taurine to satisfy all your cat’s needs. Exclusive Active Cat is suitable for cats with sensitive skin. No artificial colors or flavors.


    Developed for less active, overweight or older cats or cats with sensitive digestive systems

    Exclusive Light is a complete food for less active, overweight or older cats. This super premium food based on chicken provides complete nutrition and protection for weight management. With an optimal balance of protein and fat, Exclusive Light will help to ensure your cat stays in shape whilst looking and feeling great. Suitable also for cats with sensitive digestion.


    Soon to be renamed ”Digest”

    Highly digestible - complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats

    Exclusive Lamm & Ris is an excellent product designed for cats. This super premium food provides all the nutrition your cat needs to stay in shape and look great. This product contains lamb meal and rice as the primary ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors.


    Specially developed to support urinary health

    Exclusive Urinary is developed for indoor cats that are less active. Our Exclusive Urinary supplies all the nutrients your cat needs to thrive. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Exclusive Urinary should not be fed to kittens or pregnant or nursing females.


    100% natural Husse Laxolja is produced from fresh salmon in Norway.

    Laxojla is a unique food supplement, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which support the quality of the skin and coat. Laxojla is also a natural flavor enhancer and a perfect energy source that can be given to dogs with high energy needs and working dogs.


21 Item(s)

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